Northwest abatement Rental is one of only a few companies offering dehumidifier rentals in Bend, Oregon and the greater Central Oregon area. We also offer UPS shipping, ensuring that anyone in the Northwest can quickly receive and easily return their dehumidifier rental.

Dri-Eaz LGR-7000









The LGR-7000 is a top performing industrial and construction grade dehumidifier. Capable of removing up to 29 gallons of water a day (235 pints), the LGR-7000’s capacity is nearly double that of most standard rental units. The LGR-7000 features a self-monitoring system that can be set for specific humidities, adjusting itself on its own, using an easy-to-use electronic touchpad controller. The LGR 7000 features an internal water pump and includes a 40′ drainage hose, allowing the dehumidifier to pump its collected water up and away from the jobsite. There’s no need to manually empty a water collection tank on this high-end commercial grade unit.

This rental unit includes a 40′ drainage hose, and features wheels for easy transport. The LGR-7000 can be used to dry materials in rooms as large as 13,000 cubic feet, and can control humidity levels in spaces as large as 26,000 cubic feet.