Edge Guard Barrier System


Edge Guard temporary barrier system








Edge Guard barrier system panels adjust in height from 7′-8″ to 10′-0″ with barrier system panels in 12″, 24″, 36″ and 48″ widths. Hinged corner posts allow you to create angled corners and complete anterooms in a variety of sizes.

Ideal for sealing rooms and hallways, Edge Guard panels quickly form a particulate barrier that allows business outside of the room to function normally. Compatible with air scrubbers, Edge Guard is the easiest way to create a fire-resistant and regulation approved negative air work space.

One person can typically set up a 2’ x 12’ enclosure in less than an hour and breakdown in less than a half hour. The system’s labor savings compared to using metal studs and drywall make this system extremely cost-effective. The panels allow light to pass through creating a pleasant, safe work environment without the need of added temporary lighting. When exiting the enclosure pedestrian traffic can be seen avoiding collisions.  Panels are easily cleaned and sanitized.

Features include:

  •  Panels adjust in height from 7’-8” to 10’-0”.
  • Available in 12”, 24”, 36” and 48” wide panels.
  • Door panels have a hydraulic closer and lever style lockset with standard 2 ¾” backset. We also offer a programmable push button lockset.  No zippers.
  • Hinged corner posts allow for angled configurations.
  • There are porting options on the 24” panels for 8” diameter and 10” diameter HEPA exhaust and differential pressure monitoring.
  • Custom Engineered camlock fasteners join panels together. Custom grid clips secure panels to ceiling.

These panels meet or exceed infection control guidelines. Hospital infection control departments appreciate the clean appearance of the barrier system panels, temporary wall, construction enclosures and the fact that they are easily cleaned and sanitized.   Fire & Smoke Resistance – NFPA Class A, UBC Class 1.   ASTM E-84: Flame Spread – 0, Smoke Developed – 85.  Class A. ASTM D-635 – Class CC1.