Benefits of Renting:

  • Costs limited to duration of your project
  • Eliminates maintenance & cleaning costs
  • Eliminates Storage Issues
  • Ships direct to your job-site with Rental time starting the day after delivery.
  • Try before you buy!
How it Works:
  1. It’s Easy! A Credit Card & a Signed Rental Agreement is all that is required.
  2. Choose the rental option that best suits your needs. Our technical staff can help you decide (541) 633-7793.
  3. Call the NW Abatement Rental Team to order.  Pay up-front for the first week or month and you will be billed on a recurring weekly basis until your project is complete.
  4. Rental period begins the day after you receive shipment & ends the day you ship your rental back to NW Abatement Rental.