Mold Foggers are a commonly used tool in abatement work. By creating an aerosolized fog in an enclosed space, mold removal solutions can reach every mold spore in the room. Foggers are ideally suited for rooms with hard-to-reach spaces such as basements and attics. Where hand-removal of mold isn’t possible, foggers are necessary. When used in conjunction with standard manual mold removal, mold foggers ensure a complete and safe abatement project. Mold Fogger Rentals are an easy way to save time and money on your remediation project. For more information and reservation requests, please call us at 541-633-7793 or email us at

Aerosol (Mold Removal) Fogger

Mold Fogger









Mold Foggers take liquid solutions and turn them into an aerosolized fog. This allows cleaning solutions such as Shockwave disinfectant to reach every surface of a room or enclosed space. This mold fogger is rated to hold 128oz. of liquid solution to aerosolize. Necessary for any room with hard-to-reach spaces (think attics, basements, and rooms with lots of equipment), foggers cover every surface of a room, ensuring a complete remediation and abatement effort. Easy-to-use and effective, foggers take much of the elbow grease out of abatement work.

Mold Fogger Rentals are easy to use and speed up remediation efforts. By simply turning the fogger on and waiting, the air becomes saturated with a cleaning solution. This means every surface gets treated with a cleaning solution. Furthermore, using a Mold Fogger is an effective way to eliminate any foul odors and smells.

Note that mold foggers do not include the liquid mold control solution they aerosolize. We do offer mold fogger compatible products for sale. Visit our Counteractants and Sealants page to learn more about abatement solutions.



This product requires a $50 deposit due at the time of the rental, which is reimbursed upon returning the product in good working order.

For more information and reservation requests, please call us at 541-633-7793 or email us at